Welcome to our Learning Program

We provide a nurturing and dynamic educational environment where children are encouraged to explore, learn, and grow. Our comprehensive learning programs are designed to foster a love for knowledge and holistic development from the earliest stages.

Our Programs

Baby Giraffes

Ages 6 months -2 years

Our Baby Giraffes program provides a nurturing and stimulating environment where the youngest learners can explore and grow. Discover how we lay the foundation for their developmental journey.

Toddler Giraffes

Ages 2-4 years

With our Toddler Giraffes program, we foster curiosity and independence through play-based learning. Explore how we encourage social, motor, and cognitive development in our young learners.

Super Giraffes

Ages 4-5 years

Our Super Giraffes program focuses on building a strong foundation in literacy, numeracy, and social skills. Discover how we create a nurturing environment that encourages critical thinking and creativity.

Mighty Giraffes

Ages 5-6 years

The Mighty Giraffes program empowers young minds through a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. Learn how we prepare children for a smooth transition to primary education.

Our Curriculum

Our Educational Curriculum

Two Giraffes Bilingual School (English/ French) offers a fun British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum program with an integration of the modern Montessori method of teaching to our young learners from different international and cultural backgrounds, during their early childhood educational journey.

The EYFS program offers the following Areas of Learning and Development

Prime Areas

  1. Communication and Language
  2. Physical Development
  3. Personal, Social, and Emotional Development

Specific Areas

  1. Literacy
  2. Mathematics
  3. Understanding the World
  4. Expressive Arts and Design

We use the Illumine App to Enhance Program Experience

We ensure You Stay Connected with Illumine:
Making Your Child's School Journey Seamless

We leverage the user-friendly Illumine application to facilitate effective communication and collaboration between the school, teachers, and parents.


  • Real-time access to your child’s academic progress and schedule
  • Timely notifications and personalized messages for important updates
  • Easy monitoring of grades, assignments, and attendance
  • Regular updates and photos fostering a strong connection with your child’s school experience
  • Secure and confidential handling of your child’s data, ensuring privacy and protection.

Once onboarded, you will receive login instructions and a personal access code to get started with the Illumine app. We encourage you to download the app on your smartphone or access it via the website.

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