Who we are

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The Philosophy at Two Giraffes Bilingual School

Please take a moment and read through this policy and procedure manual as we find it very beneficial to Parents and Guardians.

Children | Are entitled to a safe and nurturing environment with a schedule of routines that best meet the individual needs of each child in our care. Each child is treated with respect as a valuable individual.
Parents and Guardians | Are entitled to individual respect, support, and quality care for their children.

Staff | Are entitled to work in an environment that recognizes and respects their training, skills, and commitment to child care.
The School | Enhances the lives of the children and their parents by providing a caring and supportive service.


Two Giraffes Bilingual School has been carefully designed to ensure it is a safe, comfortable environment that will accommodate the abilities and needs of all children. Our goal is to promote good health, safety, and nutrition. Eating nutritious food is an important part of each child’s day. The daycare provides lunch, morning and afternoon snacks for the children. The snack is set out on a special snack table and the children are free to serve themselves. Milk and water are always available to drink. We aim to have a healthy homemade range of snacks. During special occasions, healthy fun snacks with coloured themes are provided.


If you upload images to the website, you should avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included. Visitors to the website can download and extract any location data from images on the website.

Waiting List

A wait list will be formed when full enrolment has been reached in the daycare.

  • Children are accepted into the daycare on a first come basis.
  • The child’s name is entered on the computer according to the date of the initial phone call.
  • When an opening for the daycare occurs the Team Leader will contact the Parents or Guardians of the first child on the waiting list by telephone.

Children will be removed from the waiting list for the following reasons:

  • Parents or Guardians request.
  • The family has moved away or the phone number is out of order (the client is then unreachable).


We value our clients’ health as well as the health of the staff, with healthy staff we are able to provide effective care. You will need to keep your child at home, or make alternate arrangements for the following conditions:

  • Fever over 38.3° C (101°F).
  • Infected eyes or skin.
  • Any type of contagious or communicable disease such as flu, measles, mumps, rubella, or chicken pox.
  • Immediately report to staff any contagious or communicable disease.
  • An acute cold with fever, runny nose and eyes, a “croupy” cough, or congestion to the point that the child has heavy breathing.


Parents/Guardians need to inform the daycare staff in writing if their child has any allergies.

  • Required forms will be provided by staff as soon as an allergy is reported.
  • Allergies will be posted in the kitchen for all staff to see.
  • Parents will be informed immediately of any allergy attack and the steps taken.


The School will keep an up-to-date copy of each child’s immunisation record in case an outbreak should occur.

  • The Daycare will keep an up-to-date copy of each child’s immunisation record in case an outbreak should occur.
  • If a parent has decided not to have their child inoculated, the following procedures then apply:
    • The parent will provide a signed and dated letter stating that they have chosen not to immunise their child and that they understand the importance of immunisations, the side- effects, and the dangers of not being immunised.
    • If an outbreak occurs, the parent will be asked to remove the child who is not immunised from the centre until it has been determined that the child’s health is no longer at risk.

Emergency Transportation/Medical Attention

For children who require immediate medical attention, staff will call emergency services to respond.

  • Staff at Two Giraffes Bilingual Crèche will phone for emergency transportation and/or medical attention when they deem it necessary for a child or children in their care. Getrude’s Children’s Hospital is 15 minutes drive from the School.
  • The staff will then call parents or emergency contacts to inform them.


  • A child will be released only to the parent or legal guardian unless otherwise indicated on the registration form.
  • The staff must be notified in writing of any alternate arrangements.
  • Children will not be released to anyone under the age of 18.


Infants and toddlers all come with their individual sleeping patterns. The School will try to meet the patterns while getting them into the routine of the daycare.

  • Each day after lunch will be rest time. The length of naps depends on the individual child. Other naps are on an as-needed basis.
  • During the nap, infants will sleep on their backs until they can reposition themselves during sleep.
  • The monitors in the nap rooms will be turned on when these areas are in use.
  • Blankets, Teddy Bears, and other comfort items may be brought from home to be used at nap time to help a child adjust to the centre.
  • Naps are not mandatory. Children who have outgrown naps will have quiet time, read books, do puzzles, or other appropriate activities.

Diapering and Clothing

As the diapering of infants and the toilet training of toddlers involves close adult-child contact, the care providers will (whenever possible) be responsible for changing diapers and assisting with toilet training. As this is an opportunity for one-to-one time with the child, the care providers will involve the child by explaining what is being done and encouraging the child to interact/help as much as possible.

Clothing and Possessions

As the children participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor play activities each day, it is helpful if your child wears washable, comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather.


All employees of Two Giraffes Bilingual School are required to carry an oath of confidentiality towards all children and families enrolled. They will not discuss any issue regarding your child with anyone other than you and fellow employees of the daycare.


Pictures taken in the daycare will be for the enjoyment of the program participants, and for program promotion as needed. A consent form must be signed by the parent prior to the child being photographed.