Safe and Healthy learning environment for all children

Our infant room is a large colourful environment with a separate crib room for sleeping. It is a loving and nurturing environment where you can expect high quality care and developmental stimulation for your child!

In addition to enjoying a structured care schedule to meet your child’s individual feeding, sleeping, and care needs, your child will participate in engaging activities daily.
Your child will progress through exploration, music, movement, stories, fine motor, and activities that visually and cognitively stimulating and encourage physical development.
Furthermore, your child will be immersed in the French language, hearing songs and interacting with their caregivers all day long!

Since 2-year-olds have already acquired autonomy, they should be accustomed to a rhythm of activities, at specific times of the day: there will be games sessions and activity sessions.
Our toddler rooms are engaging, fun, and dynamic environments that support your busy toddler’s needs. In order to tailor activities that most closely meet each child’s level of development.
They learn and enjoy their days through play, exploration, sensory activities, music and movement, stories, art projects, and much more!

Our Preschool program is designed to challenge your growing child’s curiosity and development as they prepare for kindergarten! One of our primary goals is to create an environment to support healthy social-emotional development so each child is self-confident, independent, kind, and happy! They begin more focused learning in the areas of early literacy, pre-math, science, social studies, fine motor development, and much more! Older children also still enjoy lots of time for play and exploration so that learning is fun and every day is an adventure!


Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

The School has an abundance of toys and we ask that children do not bring in toys from home. This eliminates toys getting lost, broken, disappointment for other children, and the responsibility of Educators to track numerous toys throughout the day.

Your home culture is most welcome in our School. We would greatly appreciate it if you were able to share with our School some of your cultural practices or holidays so we can try and incorporate them into our program.

We are always on the lookout for recyclable items for the rooms. Empty food containers, ribbons, wrapping paper, towel tubes (not toilet or egg or milk because of hygiene and allergy issues) paper or anything interesting from your work is much appreciated.