Our Director

Andrine Bacco believes in constructing students from the earliest age, by constructing she means helping students learn how to believe, value and respect themselves and everyone around them, this will help them have the values they need to be responsible adults. Coming from an island of less than 100,000 people, you need to believe, you can be who you want to be in this big planet.

Apart from being a mother to her handsome 1 year old son (AJ) and her beautiful 5 year old daughter (Amara), she is also a psychologist who loves and enjoys working with children, teaching them and learning from them. She has received a global youth award for helping the children and youths in her community in the Seychelles.

Being a school Director at Two Giraffes Bilingual Creche, she is determined to make the school a great place for your children to learn grow and graduate, not only with the academic excellence but with all the values and skills a child needs as they enter the elementary world.

Our President and Founder

My name is Mrs. Anne Kaba Bourleyre. I am a certified teacher by profession with over 10 years of teaching experience in France. I am a mother of two wonderful children. I have the privilege of putting my passion in place every day. There is nothing like being a part of developing the love for learning and kindness in young children. I am very passionate about education and learning and I believe in setting a strong foundation for our children to help them to become lifelong learners. I also consider myself a lifelong learner and I continue to research the latest best practices to further enhance the learning experience for all of our children. I love that every day is a new adventure.

Our mission

The Mission of Two Giraffes Bilingual Crèche is to encourage children to explore things around them and to appreciate nature. Our academic and extra-curricular program is adapted to a multicultural and multilingual society where every child has the opportunity to develop at their own pace, in a secure, attractive and friendly setting. We are here to support families who wish to raise bilingual children by assisting with the natural development of French language skills and cultural awareness while preparing children for success in school.

Here at Two Giraffes Crèche, caregivers are nurturers as well as educators who encourage learning through exploration and understand the balance between what a child needs to feel safe and what he/she requires to reach his/her potential. Your child’s caregiver is your partner. At Two Giraffes Crèche, families and caregivers work together celebrating successes, navigating challenges and communicating daily about your child’s achievements.