Our President and Founder


My name is Mrs. Anne Kaba Bourleyre, the Founder and Owner of Two Giraffes School, a vibrant and engaging bilingual kindergarten. I am a mother of two children and a Certified Teacher by profession with over 25 years of teaching experience in Kenya and France. I keenly participate in early childhood education, driven by my firm belief in the transformative power of quality education from the earliest stages of a child’s life.

At our School, we celebrate diversity and encourage a global perspective, delivering an immersive bilingual program that fosters proficiency in both French and English. Our international curriculum is designed to nourish the inherent curiosity of children, encouraging them to explore, experiment, and express themselves in a safe, nurturing environment.

We are dedicated to laying a solid educational foundation that extends beyond academics. We strive to foster creativity, critical thinking, social skills, and emotional intelligence in our young learners, nurturing well-rounded individuals who will grow to make positive contributions to their communities.

Our passionate Team is committed to providing individualized attention to each child, acknowledging their unique learning styles and pace. We work closely with parents and guardians, maintaining open lines of communication and collaboration, as we believe that the balance of home-school partnership is integral to a child’s successful learning journey.

It is wonderful that every day is a new adventure.


Our Mission

At Two Giraffes Bilingual School, our mission is to provide an inclusive, engaging, and bilingual learning environment that nurtures curiosity, creativity, and cultural understanding. Through immersive French and English educational experiences, we foster the early development of linguistic abilities, critical thinking skills, and a strong global awareness. We aim to empower our young learners to become confident, compassionate, and innovative individuals, equipped to thrive in a diverse and constantly evolving world.